Mar 31, 2009


We had a great little weekend getaway and have been running ever since! I quit my job and feel like a world or at least a statewide KY traveler! We went to Lexington during the weekend. Then, on Monday, we went to Corbin to a Surplus place that sells flooring for "cheap". And tomorrow, I am going to Glasgow to visit a dear friend of mine, Mary Jane! You probably recognize that name if you've been to my most visited blogs (Mudpies and Butterflies)...she hasn't posted in awhile and I probably should remove her from the list...but I guess I hold out hope. Then, this weekend I am going back to the big city of Lexington!!! Whoohoo! I am sooo thankful I have this freedom...Now when am I going to get to just "sit in front of the TV all day"???? That's what this one guy said when I quit..."Your just going to watch TV 24/7". Yeah, I wish...I would just like some time to do some spring cleaning! Maybe when Clyde is back in school....Unless I get a little froggy, I may not blog till Sunday hopefully to turn my challenge in for the Pink Elephant, then again...I may brag about how awesome my visit was with my friend!! TTFN!


MaryJane said...

Hey Girlfriend!! I had a really great time wednesday!!! It was awesome to spend time with such a dear friend!!! Thank you for the excellent food you prepared for me and my family!! I wasn't surprised that it was DELICIOUS!!! You've always been able to "throw down" in the kitchen! The presents where really sweet too! You really know me! I loved them!
I know what you mean about being so busy! Just wait! It gets worse!

You are a wonderful friend and a blessing to me! I really love you, friend!

Tina said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

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