Oct 31, 2008

From Chrissy's Creations!

Chrissy from Chrissy's Creations made this
wonderful cake for our anniversary! The inside
is chocolate with Swiss butter icing? Yumm-O!

Mark and I are enjoying it mucho! Hey Chrissy,
I told you I needed to lose weight and here you go
and give me a delicious cake! Guess I'll have to
hit the spin classes!

She also gave us a card! She is just too sweet!
Just like her cake and card! Tee Hee!
Thanks girl!!!!

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MaryJane said...

Wow! That was so extremely sweet of her! That cake looks awesome! I think that I would have trouble cutting into it. I wouldn't want to mess it up!! You know the person is talented if a cake that beautiful is also delicious!! Great job Chrissy! Enjoy Bek!

Anonymous said...

I' so glad you like the cake and card. Happy Anniversary! And you're right... the best is yet to be!

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