Dec 29, 2008

Drum Roll please..............

I got a Nifty Knitter!!!! It was from my sis-n-law! You might think well that's not such a big deal, but I am really excited to make my first scarf! Who knows the possibilities, if I can conquer this first! I am mixing a regular yarn with a fuzzy one and I will reveal the progress...but first, I need sis-in-law to help me get started! I am sorry I made you wait all this time, but I was having technical issues...How did this get italicized? Oye!

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We went a visitin'...

Mark, Clyde, Jake and I went to visit some long time friends about an hour and 15 minutes away...and we all had some fun! You can view photos on to see how much fun Jake and Mr. Bingley had! There was pizza and cookies and some fun on the Wii...but now I am exhausted, so good night friends! I shall post something tomorrow...I will reveal a treasure I received for Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Hee! Hee! Hee! Man, I gotta get some sleep!

Dec 27, 2008


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Dec 26, 2008

Mollie and Me!!!!

So, our tradition on Christmas is to go to the movies in the evening, guess what we saw? Marley and was great! There were a few too many cuss words and sexual inuendos for my 12 year old, but other than that really good! I was inspired by the movie and thought...maybe I should write a book about Mollie and Me...then, I thought, Naw! It would be boring because she is soooo good! Not moments after I had this thought when we came home and what do we find???? Mollie Joe had eaten an entire package of dog treats, those fresh least her breath smelt good! Well, Mark and I did our paper route pretty much at the same time this morning and when Mark got home, the Mischievous Mollie struck again!!! This time she ate 2 of those orange chocolate slice balls, about 13 chocolates (my fault...I left the chocolates on the arm of the couch, in my rush to go deliver those papers!!!) and was about ready to tear into another 1lb of dog cookies!!! But anyway, it has been sooo long since she's been bad, we forgot she could do such a thing! Giggle, giggle! She's alive so far and thank God the chocolate was milk and not dark, but oh my gosh...that silly, now fat dog! Still love her! Here's her feast...

In case you're wondering if it could have been the puppy...nope, we crate him up when we leave. So it wasn't Crazy Jakey! It was Mischievous Mollie!

Dec 24, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas...

I wish everyone a VERY Merry CHRISTmas!!!! May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts this holiday season! May you make many memories! Love you all!!!

Dec 23, 2008

These are tips I received...

In case you didn't know, I am a paper carrier and these are what I racked up...I think I have 12 boxes, or tins of candy!!! Probably more because I forgot some homemade stuff! Hey, at least someone threw in something I could use after the New Year! See the 60 calorie Hershey sticks? I thought that was funny! They must have seen me and knew I needed it! Ha! My husband is a carrier too. We also got some monies which we are saving to get a bigger TV! Whoo hoo! Another carrier, received 1,000 dollars from ONE person!!! I think I need that route! Tee hee! Anyway, we won't clear that much from over 700 customers!!! But I won't's sooo much better than last year! Hopefully, this time next year I will be a stay at home mom! Maybe in a new house and a couple more foster kids! Wouldn't that be lovely?

The time has come for us to make a decision regarding whether or not we are going to adopt Clyde...please pray that we will make the right decision! Of course, we are leaning to "yes" but it's scary!

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Dec 22, 2008

Finally, done with the tin...

Things have been ridiculously busy! I am sorry I haven't blogged. I am sure you all can relate...hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow...Now, on this tin. I stamped the penguins and colored it, on the scarf I clear embossed it. I used the cuttlebug for the the strips of paper with the snowflake pattern and swiss dots (my fave). On top of the snowflakes I versa markered them and used sparkling embossing powder. I used the small oval punch for the be merry (clear embossed) and the large oval punch for the underneath layer (snowflake embossed). I tied some ribbon and there you have it!

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Dec 18, 2008

Our Gingerbread house...

Santa is on the chimney! Tee hee!

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Dec 17, 2008

Chrissy's Christmas Card to me...

Now, I am not completely sure this is Chrissy's card as her stamp is not on the back...I actually thiefed it from the other leader that got the present with this card on it! Tee Hee! She didn't mind...and I truly loooovvvveeee this card! It really looks like a Lori Boyd Design, but I am not sure. The stamped image has been Versa Markered and embossed at just the right places...if you make the picture bigger you can see the beautiful detail in the coloring! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thanks Chrissy, for the card and the freezer jam!

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Dec 16, 2008


Yesterday was my day off and I decided to finish my Christmas shopping. I think everyone else in @#$% decided to go too! I am pretty much done, just 2 more people and I will be done!

Today, I had to go to a far and distant land, Lexington, Ky. I sure felt so small and insignificant in the big city! It seemed to swallow me whole. Thank God for my mother-in-law, who went with me. And wouldn't you know it, she got a ticket 30 minutes into the trip. Poor thing! She went with me because I knew I would be very tired working my routes till the wee hours of the morning and wouldn't really be able to function! She is such a blessing!!!! I was able to sleep in the back while she drove. We were at UK clinic from 12:45pm till 4:15pm, that was for one doctor. We were also supposed to see an eye doctor, but ran 2 hours over with the other appointment. It seemed liked the longest day now I am gonna crash and not even read my friends blogs, but hopefully tomorrow I can catch up. I also plan on decorating a metal tin, which I will blog asap. Caiobella!

Dec 14, 2008

Spoiler alert...if you haven't seen Survivor yet don't read this blog!!

And the winner is BOB Crowley! Yeah! I was rooting for Bob, Sugar or Matty! I was sooo disappointed those were not the final three! However, the best man probably won! I think Sugar was a very good player in this and can't believe she didn't receive one vote!!!! BOOOO! She saved Matty, once and he lost it on his own, because he couldn't start a fire! She really was I think, fair in all things. She took out the snakes! She took out Ace, because Kenny lied about him. Took out Randy because...let's face it...he was a JERK! Took out Crystal because she was mean to Matty. Took out Kenny because he was "the mastermind" and crooked. She deserves more credit than she got! She really had a tender heart toward people. And gosh Matty, she gave you her cookie and immunity idol and you couldn't even vote for her! You lost that mill on your own! Matty, you think the most evil thing she did was write your name down. She was giving 2 people she really liked a chance and gave it to fate. Fair is fair! I have to say something about the "wicked" Corinne...I was going to name my daughter Coryn, but not now! That is if I ever get a daughter, but anyway...forget that! She ruined that name for me! She wants that reputation...I wonder how she would feel if people threw rotten eggs at her when they saw her on the sidewalk...would she like that? Those people wouldn't be being nice would they? Or what if they threw up on her? That's what she did to Sugar, verbal vomit! I bet her breath stinks! To match her attitude, of course! Well, that's enough...I don't want to go down the same road she does so I'll stop. I've said my peace and am pleased with the result of the game, with the exception that Sugar didn't get her props from her peeps! Her father died not long before she went on the show, of course you would be emotional! Have a heart and some compassion...this world is so cold sometimes! I wish she would have won the $100,000! Well, I thought this season was very good!!! What about you all? Congratulations Bob!!! You deserved it! You definately outplayed, outwitted and outlasted!

Dec 13, 2008

Sooo busy...

Hello Blog world,
I have missed you and can't wait to be able to surf the web again for treasures of other blogs...and of course, my sweet friends! I have been terribly busy as people tend to do this time of year, but I hope to be on the creative prowl once Christmas is over! Especially since I know what I'm getting...tee hee! I hope to rise to the occasion of some of these stampin' challenges and maybe I'll have some free time tonight, but then again maybe not!! I was scavenging thru my pictures to find something intriguing, but to no avail! So here you have my typed word and I am not sure it even makes sense, since I haven't slept yet! I am about downright giddy...Mary Jane, should you read this...I am missing you! I have been thinkin' about you a lot. I may even get the gumption to come up and see you. How's next Sunday? Well, love ya'll...hope ya come back real soon!

Dec 10, 2008

Stampin' club project!

How cute is this ornament? And soooo simple...Just take 7 strips of designer paper and punch a hole (brad size)
at each end and just punch the ribbon thru with the brad matching holes and secure the other end with the other brad. Voila! Handmade cute ornament!

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Dec 7, 2008

Jake and Mollie cuddle...

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Dec 5, 2008

Hey Tina...This blogs for you!!!!

I have a very good and talented friend named Lori Boyd. She is my Stampin' Up Demonstrator! I am sure she would be happy to hook you up with some products! There's sales going on in December and there's so much stuff that would be good stocking stuffers!!! But, I guess that depends on when you send your order in, with the Christmas rush and all. I am afraid once you see her blog, you may never come back to mine. Tee Hee! So check her out at:

P.S. We have Stampin' Club meetings the 2nd Tuesday of every month, if your close enough to Somerset. We'd love to have you...or anyone else interested in Stampin'! I am so curious as to where you live!!!

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

I made this card for the lovely, beautiful daughter of my good friend Lori Boyd! I added an extra layer and used foam circles to puff up the green from the pink. I think she really liked the card and gifts!

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Dec 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Card #1

I got inspiration for this card in the Stampin' Up catalog! I actually bought this stamp set so I could do this! I thought it was so cute that they used the balloon and the cupcake stack for letters. I really liked how this turned out! I think my other cards with be somewhat the same, but I think I will try different colors for my friends daughter. I will post it when it's done, however it will probably be alot like this. I did emboss the balloon and cupcakes with a "Stardust powder", although I am not sure the camera caught that effect.Posted by Picasa

Dec 3, 2008

So close, yet so far away...

I can't wait! I am almost done with my Christmas cards for my newspaper customers! Just need to sign some of them and whaa-la! I will be handing them out on Friday and good riddens! If I don't see another snow man stamp it will be too matter how cute he is! I will be looking forward to pulling from my creative side rather than my redundant side. I hope I'm not give out from all this hard work! Maybe next year I will print something off on my computer! That probably would be smarter! Jake has his nose on the laptop again, tee hee! He's so cute! Thank you Lord for my little cuddler! Hope to be posting a new card soon, hope you all aren't too bored with my blah, blah, blah...

Dec 2, 2008

Banana Chocolate Chip Nut Bread!

Clyde and I made this super delicious banana chocolate chip nut bread! We didn't have any chocolate chips so we improvised with...chopped Hershey Kisses!!! Yumm-E! I honestly think this is the best loaf I've/we've made! This was the first time I broke in my Pampered Chef loaf pan and it worked like a charm! It was hard to work with Clyde on this, as I am very independent when it comes to cooking, but I am glad he helped...maybe that's what made it sooo good!

I plan on making some cards soon, as I have 3 friends with birthdays this week and next, so be on the lookout....

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