Mar 17, 2009

What a mess...

Uh, yeah...this was the yarn I was going to use for Mary's scarf when lo and two lovely rolls of green and pink yarn were sitting innocently on the arm of the couch! And what do I find? This mess! It was actually on the floor when I found it...BBBBAAADDDD Jakey! Thank God it wasn't a scarf yet! I had been having trouble with Mary's scarf...I had a good half of the scarf with pink, only to find out the green is thicker, so I had to start all over! I have a green one made for her instead. So much for my vision...and hello to me spending a lot of time untangling this mess! He has a whole basket of toys, but nooo he has to mess with yarn...what's up with my dogs...I believe they think they are cats!

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LORI said...

LOL!! Dogs who think they are CATS!! Funny!! Sorry about your mess!! Pretty Colors!!

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