Jun 1, 2009

Eek, Screech, Yikes...

We were getting stuff out of our storage unit and found mice droppings everywhere... (Advice: only put your stuff in plastic tubs, not cardboard boxes! Clyde held this one box that contained our little friend up over his head, then dropped it sideways on the ground...there were all kinds of paper shredded and mouse poop, so I thought we might find a mouse...instead we found his predator. That thing slid over Clyde's foot and I ran the other way screaming at the top of my lungs!!! I was boot scootin' it! Clyde was laughing his head off at me and this is were it would have made a GREAT funniest home videos!

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LeAnne said...

Hi Bekki! Thanks for visiting my blog.....and what a post to find on your blog! You can keep this little fellow in your neck of the woods! Thanks for your kind comments! :D

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