Aug 25, 2008

Thatsa lotta meataballs!!

First pan...the meatballs stuck!

Look what it left behind!

Ahhh! Much better

Thatsa whole lotta meataballs!

It's my first time making meatballs!! It's a crock pot recipe. Here's a deep thought...isn't the point of a crock pot to ease your worry about cooking? Well, I think it would have been easier and quicker with a different recipe. However, this recipe sounded good. It asked for 4lbs. of ground beef! The spaghetti sauce only asked for a 28oz. can of peeled tomatoes as the liquid, kinda scary. Your supposed to sear the meatballs, well, it stuck to my pan. Livid, I changed to a non-stick, much better. So after an hour or more, I got to put it in the crock pot. Hopefully, it turns out good, because I'm cooking for a group of people! Instead of meatballs, it may just be meat sauce! Tee Hee! Please Lord, let it be good!


LORI said...

Thanks for the delishioso Meatballs Bekki! Eric and I are still talking about them. Good Job!!

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