Nov 21, 2008

Decent pic...

As you can tell, I haven't done anything creative in awhile, so I am looking thru the pic library hoping to find something. Well, I actually think this pic is decent of Marky B. and me. What do you think? Mark is really, on the other hand, am not. I think it's cause I don't like the way I look these days!!! As you can see my smile isn't full, because my eyes would disappear from my fat cheeks! Anyway...Sorry, I feel so boring!!! Hey tomorrow, I am going to a kids birthday party that is in a gymnastics place, that could be fun!!!! Maybe I'll be able to post pics from that! TTFN!

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MaryJane said...

Bekki, you guys are gorgeous! I mean it! Stop speaking that way about yourself! God made you! Don't insult His work! Love ya!

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