Nov 3, 2008

Which one should I do for my customers?

Please keep in mind we have over 700 customers...
I like this's watercolored and simple. It is folded and has the same saying as the one with the snowman below. It's a 3x3 folded in half.

This is embossed plus the ribbon. It's 2 1/2x 3. On the back is "May the miracle of Christmas find you safe in the Peace of God, warm in the Light of Christ."
The left is the front and the right is the's a 2x3.

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MaryJane said...

The one with the ribbon is really nice put may be more work. The snowman is really cute too! I'd say do the easiest and cheapest. Does that sound rude? Hopefully it just sounds practical! :)

LORI said...

Hey Girl,

They look good! You won't go wrong which ever you chose. Sorry, I am not being very helpful am I??!??!?

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