Sep 7, 2008

Almost done!

We got the weeds out and plants in! Now we need to wait till next payday to get the ground cover. What do you all think I should put over it? I was thinkin' white rock, but what do all you people in the blog world think?

Here's the almost done, after pics...

We actually got the above part done last night! Then Mark had to play with the rotatiller to "mix in the new soil with the old"!

There's my brawny man!

Almost finished product! If I didn't have to buy tires it would be completely done!


LORI said...

LOOKING GOOD!! Personally I am a fan of dark mulch! If you want rocks...I like the pebbles (natural colors). BUT this ain't about me, it's about you and what you like. Have fun!!

Simply Jenn said...

Looking good girl! I had white rock at the old house and it is tough to keep clean, just my 2 cents!

Bekki B said...

Thanks my only two people who read my blog!

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