Sep 2, 2008

Trip to the Big City

We (the fam) took a trip to the Big City on least it's big compared to our little city. I got to go to one of my heavens on earth-Hobby Lobby! They were having a half off sale too. I couldn't spend much, but what I did get I was happy with. We went to Old Navy for some clothes for Clyde. We were having a rather good day, no attitude inflamed and it was Kosher...till we went to eat. We went to P.F. Changs for dinner. We ordered our meal. We got our appetizer ... 40 minutes and several temper tantrums later we got our food. The manager crouched down, and asked how we were doing...I usually state my true feelings in times like this so I said bluntly,"Not good!" He was very apologetic and said somehow our ticket was misplaced, so we got our food FREE, plus dessert!!! The meal tasted better after would have been over $60. I highly recommend the Great Wall of China Cake. Mark and I both got one! Look at this bad boy...8 inches of chocolate heaven, with raspberry sauce and mixed berries...Yumm-o!


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