Sep 28, 2008

Had a couple of little visitors today...

I couldn't believe my eyes...I was turning onto the highway that leads to my house about 1/10 of a mile away and saw two cute little piggys crossing the street! I even phoned Mark about it! I went outside to let Molly out and she started chasing after something when I realized it was the piggys I saw on the highway! I felt like I was back in the Philippines or Guam! They were really friendly...I had to take pictures of Molly playing with them. She was sooo good! She stopped when I told her to, but after seeing they wouldn't hurt her or she them it was pretty comical! I couldn't wait to blog it!


LORI said...

How cute and fun and ... wow!! Weird did you keep them? Did you find out where they came from? Did you feed them?? :)

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