Jan 14, 2009

Cupcake challenge...

is in the making! I have a card in the making, but now I have to rush off to work. :( Hopefully, I will finish tomorrow...although, I am going to have a loooonnnggg day. It's to the UK hospital again for an all day venture. Please pray we will make both appointments so we won't have to make another trip! Plus, Clyde is getting an ultrasound and isn't allowed to eat for 8 hours...poor kid! That appointment is at 5 pm. Our first appointment is at 1 pm... please Lord, make a way where there seems to be no way! You would think that is enough time in between appointments, but it's hurry up and wait. I hope I am making sense, I have to go so...TTFN!


MaryJane said...

I hope you make to your appointments! This time, if your mother-in-law drives, try not to get a ticket!!!! Leave in plenty of time and remain calm! Maybe you could inform the people at your first appointment that you have to make it to another one at 5:00. Sometimes they will do what they can to speed things up for you! Especially if they know that you are from out of town. I'll be praying for a good day for you!

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