Jan 15, 2009

So I had a great day!!!

Thanks Mary for praying! Since no else has commented I am guessing you were the only one. We met both appointments and even had an hour to spare in between!!! We found all the places without a problem, praise God. I felt more at home in the big city. I felt I could conquer anything. It was great...Clyde was a perfect gentlemen, except for the few farts he let escape, gasp...he really was a good boy today! We ended up eating at Ted's Montana Grill, Yummy! They have the best homemade pickles that they give you as a teaser....mmmmmm! Anyway, Praise God from whom all blessings flow! If ya wanna know more about me and what I am going thru, please unmute, rewind and listen to the 1st song playin'...this is my anthem for the new year...enjoy!


LORI said...

Glad you had a GREAT DAY and that Clyde was good!

Great Song (Anthem)! Happy for ya!!

And YES, I am up late! Too late, going to bed now! I have had a very very busy day!!

MaryJane said...

I am So glad to hear that your day was enjoyable!!! I've never heard of that restaurant. I'll have to try it! Were the pickles fried?
I like your song!!!

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