Dec 13, 2008

Sooo busy...

Hello Blog world,
I have missed you and can't wait to be able to surf the web again for treasures of other blogs...and of course, my sweet friends! I have been terribly busy as people tend to do this time of year, but I hope to be on the creative prowl once Christmas is over! Especially since I know what I'm getting...tee hee! I hope to rise to the occasion of some of these stampin' challenges and maybe I'll have some free time tonight, but then again maybe not!! I was scavenging thru my pictures to find something intriguing, but to no avail! So here you have my typed word and I am not sure it even makes sense, since I haven't slept yet! I am about downright giddy...Mary Jane, should you read this...I am missing you! I have been thinkin' about you a lot. I may even get the gumption to come up and see you. How's next Sunday? Well, love ya'll...hope ya come back real soon!


MaryJane said...

Hey Bek! I miss you too! Your comment about the bra was so funny!! Ha, Ha! I love that you just posted some of your thoughts! You don't always have to be "Bekkki The Brilliant Card Creator". You are interesting enough without your master pieces!! You are welcome anytime!

Tina said...

Perfectly clear LOL. You two make me miss my sister TERRIBLY. I see the both of us in you two. I makes me smile when I read stuff each of you write about the other......sigh......sorr carryone don't mind this crazy intruder.

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