Dec 14, 2008

Spoiler alert...if you haven't seen Survivor yet don't read this blog!!

And the winner is BOB Crowley! Yeah! I was rooting for Bob, Sugar or Matty! I was sooo disappointed those were not the final three! However, the best man probably won! I think Sugar was a very good player in this and can't believe she didn't receive one vote!!!! BOOOO! She saved Matty, once and he lost it on his own, because he couldn't start a fire! She really was I think, fair in all things. She took out the snakes! She took out Ace, because Kenny lied about him. Took out Randy because...let's face it...he was a JERK! Took out Crystal because she was mean to Matty. Took out Kenny because he was "the mastermind" and crooked. She deserves more credit than she got! She really had a tender heart toward people. And gosh Matty, she gave you her cookie and immunity idol and you couldn't even vote for her! You lost that mill on your own! Matty, you think the most evil thing she did was write your name down. She was giving 2 people she really liked a chance and gave it to fate. Fair is fair! I have to say something about the "wicked" Corinne...I was going to name my daughter Coryn, but not now! That is if I ever get a daughter, but anyway...forget that! She ruined that name for me! She wants that reputation...I wonder how she would feel if people threw rotten eggs at her when they saw her on the sidewalk...would she like that? Those people wouldn't be being nice would they? Or what if they threw up on her? That's what she did to Sugar, verbal vomit! I bet her breath stinks! To match her attitude, of course! Well, that's enough...I don't want to go down the same road she does so I'll stop. I've said my peace and am pleased with the result of the game, with the exception that Sugar didn't get her props from her peeps! Her father died not long before she went on the show, of course you would be emotional! Have a heart and some compassion...this world is so cold sometimes! I wish she would have won the $100,000! Well, I thought this season was very good!!! What about you all? Congratulations Bob!!! You deserved it! You definately outplayed, outwitted and outlasted!


MaryJane said...

I totally agree! It is very disappointing and sad to see people like Corrine and Randy actually enjoy hurting people!!!! Disgusting!!!!!!! I guess Randy is hurting somewhere inside, so he hurts others. Corrine is just...EVIL!!!!! I can't believe that so many people questioned Sugars sincerity (about everything!)!!!! Actually, I have encountered that a lot in my own life! People have told me that they thought that I was TOO nice, so they believed that I was being fake!!! And the crying thing-of course she just experienced a tragedy, but even if that weren't the case, what is so horrible about passionate people!?!?!? I swear! Does no one on this earth have feelings anymore!? When did it become a bad thing to show them? Maybe we wouldn't have so many messed up people if it was OKAY to let your feelings be known! Sugar followed her heart! THAT IS NOT A WEAKNESS! I bet God would like more of us to do that! It may not have got her the money but I pray that she will be blessed!!!!!!

Tina said...

I don't watch Survivor but I enjoyed reading this post anyway.

MaryJane said...

Oh my goodness, Tina, that just cracked me up!!!!!!

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