Dec 26, 2008

Mollie and Me!!!!

So, our tradition on Christmas is to go to the movies in the evening, guess what we saw? Marley and was great! There were a few too many cuss words and sexual inuendos for my 12 year old, but other than that really good! I was inspired by the movie and thought...maybe I should write a book about Mollie and Me...then, I thought, Naw! It would be boring because she is soooo good! Not moments after I had this thought when we came home and what do we find???? Mollie Joe had eaten an entire package of dog treats, those fresh least her breath smelt good! Well, Mark and I did our paper route pretty much at the same time this morning and when Mark got home, the Mischievous Mollie struck again!!! This time she ate 2 of those orange chocolate slice balls, about 13 chocolates (my fault...I left the chocolates on the arm of the couch, in my rush to go deliver those papers!!!) and was about ready to tear into another 1lb of dog cookies!!! But anyway, it has been sooo long since she's been bad, we forgot she could do such a thing! Giggle, giggle! She's alive so far and thank God the chocolate was milk and not dark, but oh my gosh...that silly, now fat dog! Still love her! Here's her feast...

In case you're wondering if it could have been the puppy...nope, we crate him up when we leave. So it wasn't Crazy Jakey! It was Mischievous Mollie!


Tina said...

Oh Mollie you trouble maker, maybe Jakers was telling her what to do.

MaryJane said...

How cute! She must have seen the previews and decided to show you that she could be just as interesting as the dog on T.V.! I hope her little belly is okay!

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