Dec 23, 2008

These are tips I received...

In case you didn't know, I am a paper carrier and these are what I racked up...I think I have 12 boxes, or tins of candy!!! Probably more because I forgot some homemade stuff! Hey, at least someone threw in something I could use after the New Year! See the 60 calorie Hershey sticks? I thought that was funny! They must have seen me and knew I needed it! Ha! My husband is a carrier too. We also got some monies which we are saving to get a bigger TV! Whoo hoo! Another carrier, received 1,000 dollars from ONE person!!! I think I need that route! Tee hee! Anyway, we won't clear that much from over 700 customers!!! But I won't's sooo much better than last year! Hopefully, this time next year I will be a stay at home mom! Maybe in a new house and a couple more foster kids! Wouldn't that be lovely?

The time has come for us to make a decision regarding whether or not we are going to adopt Clyde...please pray that we will make the right decision! Of course, we are leaning to "yes" but it's scary!

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susanna said...

Merry Christmas!! Listen to your heart about Clyde. I think your New Year's wishes are wonderful.

Tina said...

That is quite the "haul" for your "hauling". You both deserve every little morsel.

My prayers will be with you during this scary but exciting time. I pray God speaks to your heart and you hear clearly what his plan is for your family.

MaryJane said...

Quite a booty you've collected! And still more you may after eating it!! (I couldn't resist!) Hee! Hee! Love ya! Merry Christmas! See you Sunday!!!

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